Sonoma Restaurants

Did you know that you really can come to wine country just for some great food. You don’t even have to drink wine; you may be surprised to learn that some restaurants offer interesting selections of alternative beverages like locally brewed beer.

Size has always made Sonoma County seem rustic and rural compared to Napa Valley. The concentration of wineries and tourists in Napa begat a more popular destination.

The co-operative publicity efforts of wineries in Napa created more immediacy and image in the marketplace. Both valleys share equally one very important asset. Good food and wine. In addition both are extremely convenient for day-trippers from the Bay Area and share some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

There are all sorts of restaurants in sonoma county, the potential and expectations are supported by good cooking with a vast array of available fresh food.

There are also good child friendly restaurants. To learn about sonoma restaurants & Sonoma Lodging click here.