Weather you’re looking for “it” or not, your experience in the Northern California Wine Country, will have you bubbling over with love. “Oh, but I’m already in love” may be your reply, however the love you will encounter will not be like the love you feel for your significant other……

A playful seduction begins as the warm ocean breezes and aromas of delicacies envelope you, beckoning you to take in all that you can. Maybe that same ocean breeze atmosphere is what inspired the Franciscan missionaries back in the 1700′s to plant vineyards in the Sonoma and Napa counties.

Also seduced were our ancestors from around the world, with skills and a variety of grapes, the German and Italian immigrants developed and cultivated this area into what is now known worldwide as the Northern California Wine Country. It’s finest productions are sought after by wine connoisseurs all over the globe.

The breathtaking view of endless acres of lush vineyards overflowing with dew kissed bounty invites you to, “Come, taste your pleasure.” From vineyard to vineyard your knowledge of wines will increase as will your taste and appreciation for the expertise and workmanship put into every bottle of the finest wines around. Your head swims with delight from all that you’ve encountered.

With your final glass of wine in hand and the love of your life next to you, you will be completely taken over by the canvas worthy sunset as it’s descent begins to finalize your journey. From her history of lovely peoples and cultures to the vineyards, sunsets, and of course the wines, you cannot deny what has happened. There’s no turning back. You fell hard and unexpectedly. It’s okay. Everyone who visits cannot help but fall in love with all that Northern California Wine Country has to offer.