Napa Wine Tours

Did you know that California has approximately 1400 wineries and 650 of them are located in Napa and Sonoma representing the most famous labels in the U.S. This is the Wine Country!

The area generally referred to as California’s “Wine Country,” Napa and Sonoma counties, has hundreds of wineries and covers an area of about three hundred square miles. A visitor could easily spend weeks here, tasting world-class wines and enjoying the restaurants and activities, but you can also get a good feel for the area in a one-day trip.

California’s Wine Country is known around the world for producing some of the best wines, and it begins less than an hour away from San Francisco.

If you want to taste the best wines that California has to offer, you need to do some research about the best country wine tour routes in this part of the country.

Places like Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley, Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley and Atlas peak are some of the most popular wine tasting destinations in California. Since you cannot really expect to visit all these places and discover the treasures that lie within them in just a few days or so, you need to make up your mind which places you want to explore.

Napa Valley is an optimal county suited to produce world quality wine grapes. You can have incredible views and many more that have earned this Napa tour area its reputation as one of the premier travel destination of the world. Where you travel in this scenic area, you are almost always in the view of a vine-covered mountain or a valley, and in fact no matter the time of year, you’re here in for a treat for all the senses.